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We have created this platform initially to display our startup project on Instagram- connecting high school artists around the world in this time of social distancing. However, we have developed to organize a website, a location, where youth artists or those who have interests in the art can easily access resources. We have put in a lot of effort into creating this platform and gathering all the information we thought would be helpful and wish we could have easily accessed. As we experienced the process of looking for effective art materials, painting tips, and useful art competitions as well as opportunities just to connect with the art world ourselves, we really believe that this platform can benefit many others like us around the world. 



Alice Lyu

  • Instagram

Hi everyone! My name is Alice and I am a high school senior in Shanghai. I co-founded with this project with Mary in the midst of COVID to share the stories of our peers during these unprecedented times. Though many have shared their stories during these pivotal moments in history via Instagram or blogs, I wanted to bring the voice of students into the light through this multi-platform project. I hope this helps bring together the student community in a time where advocacy and sharing is more important than ever. 

IMG_4443 2.JPG

Mary Zhang

  • Instagram

Hi guys! My name is Mary Zhang and I am a high school junior in Shanghai. I have co-founded this project with my friend Alice to raise awareness for global issues and COVID-19. I believe the events that are happening around the world can be reflected through an artistic perspective. I hope that Artifacts can serve as a platform for high school artists around the world to showcase their artistic talent and convey their opinions about current events. 

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