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  • Can I submit more than once?
    Of course! We do not have a limit on the number of submissions, so long as the artwork follows our guidelines and prompt.
  • How can I submit?
    You can submit through our Google form: OR by emailing the answers to these questions to Hi! Thanks for participating and joining our mission of connecting young artists during the age of social distancing! This form will be a quick and structural way for us to collect some necessary information. You could also dm/wechat/email us the submissions but filling out this form would be ideal. What is your name? What grade level are you in? Where in the world are you right now? (Please write your country and city) Please enter your brief but detailed description for your image (this will be the caption for the Instagram post). Please include an introduction to who you are and how your piece reflects your experience during this time period. Please attach your image/art to this email!
  • Are there restrictions to the submissions?
    We have no restrictions on media, but restrictions on content (though sometimes there are exceptions): We do not accept fan art artwork or of known celebrity portraits We do not accept inappropriate (excessively graphic/gory) artwork
  • Are all artworks published?
    Unfortunately, no– our artwork is curated to tailor to our theme. If we deem the artwork to not be representative of our mission.
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